Furnaces - Oil

You want your home to be comfortable, but you also need to be mindful of annual fuel costs, maintenance and dependability. So where do you turn? Olsen oil furnaces have been reliably heating homes for generations. If you want to get the most out of your next heating system, Olsen has the optimal oil furnace solution – like our new UML and LRF series furnaces. These innovative products feature ENERGY STAR® models that can achieve efficiencies up to 87.5% AFUE. Installing a higher-AFUE Airco furnace provides more heat for every dollar spent and may also qualify for energy-efficiency rebates or incentives.

Universal Series (4 Positions) - UML, UMLV

BTUH Input 77,000 - 119,000

Lowboy Series (LRF/LRFV)

 BTUH Input 77,000 - 119,000

Lowboy Series (BFL)

BTUH Input 105,000 - 168,000

Lowboy Series (BCL)

BTUH Input 105,000 - 231,000

Lowboy Series (BML/BMLV)

BTUH Input 70,000 - 105,000

Highboy Series (HML/HMLV)

BTUH 70,000 - 119,000

Highboy Series (HTL/HTLV)

BTUH Input 105,000 - 140,000

Multi-Position Series (3 Positions) - MPL

BTUH Input 105,000 - 140,000